The Veils are Lifting

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☆•The Veils are Lifting•☆

Gaia knows you

She has always been guiding you back to yourself

Tune in

Your DNA is a biological technology. It connects you to all that is. It is an oscillator for resonant frequencies that come directly from Source. When we interface with the land, this technology serves as a tuning fork; activates, purifies, clears, connects. You have access to everything you need within you. Your connection to nature amplifies your access to your own Sacredness, unconditional love and connects you with dormant aspects of yourself that are ready to awaken. #bloom

This is an intense transition. All (re)births have this moment. You have had this moment many times before, every time you have had a growth spurt, a huge transformation, a major breakthrough. Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel. Dont forget that there is a planetary web of incredible strong heart centered people/beings just like you, stabilizing the unified field of all life on this planet, for the birth of a new way of being. Holding space for an evolutionary leap of consciousness for humanity, through the transformation of some deep wounds, and a deeper awareness of our relationship with this planet and all life.

We are strong. We are sovereign. We are love.