Solar Bloom

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•○☆Solar Bloom☆○•

8x10" photo quality print, frame not included.

These ••<《solar codes》>•• are connected to the ☆solar disc☆ jewelry collection.


As we release old structures that no longer serve the highest good of the collective, the planet and our personal evolution, new structures are/have been seeded into the collective unconscious.

 Multidimensional structures begin to emerge and bloom as new ways of being on personal and collective levels. They are nourished by our sacred connection to the planet and all life, as we open ourselves to hear the communications that nature herself has been whispering to our spirit since birth.

Multidimensional frequencies become accessible, as we tune into our zero point, and enter into the eye of the storm; releasing, clearing, evolving, and stabilizing. we have been preparing for this for lifetimes.

All the answers can be found within. Connect with nature, breathe deeply, Gaia is calling, and we are ready.