Rise of the Sovereign Collective

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•☆Rise of the Sovereign Collective☆•

8x10" photograph quality print, frame not included.

As the collective clears old programs, structures and beliefs that do not support our highest good, and true unity. We are being asked to dream into being the new systems, and ways of being that support humanity's evolution of consciousness. (re)Birth is a bumpy ride, sometimes with the pain of it, confusion sets in. 

Breathe through it, and through your heart, and know that everything is changing for the highest good of all that is. Humanity will remember the Sacredness of all life, and On the other side of this labour something new will be born within us all.

Gaia unconditionally loves and supports us, guiding our flow into deeper embodiments of our higher consciousness, dissolving the veils, revealing aspects and multidimensional frequencies that humanity has not accessed previously, in embodied form.

Anchor into your heart, the part of you that knows where to flow no matter what circumstances you are faced with.
All you have to do is BE