Heart of the Ancestors

This collection is filled with potent adornments that can be used in Sacred ritual, or for any  occasion. Wherever they go,  the wearer is deeply supported by the frequency of alignment, expansion, activation and nurturing through the stones super7, flashy lepidolite mica, amethyst, and white topaz; paired with the wisdom and love of the ancestors through medicine of  cedar cast in sterling silver.

Cedar is the medicine of The Ancestors, who provide us with unconditional support, and assist us in unlocking the inherent wisdom within ✨ They guide us back to ourselves, bring our awareness to the intrinsic connection we have to All that Is💫  Their love serves as a catalyst and protection, and connects us to our internal compass that propels our evolution on personal, collective and planetary levels.  Now is the time to to connect to the knowledge within you that knows the Sacredness of All life ✨❤️


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